Optical Dispensing

Whether your vision needs changed or you’re simply ready for a new frame style, we are here to help.

Our optical department offers:

  • Same day service for many single vision prescriptions since we have on on-site lab
  • Repair of broken or damaged glasses
  • Frame adjustments
  • The highest quality frames and lenses on the market
  • Assistance from knowledgeable opticians who are happy to help you with frame and lens selection
  • Helpful staff who can explain any questions you may have regarding your vision insurance benefits

Oak Hill Eye Care features an in-house optical dispensing system called the i.Terminal. The i.Terminal is a sophisticated piece of equipment that simplifies the fitting, measurement and patient consultation processes, by combining them all into one.

About i.Terminal

The i.Terminal uses a precision digital camera and a computerized measurement system to closely examine patients while wearing their selected frames. During this examination, the i.Terminal provides the following dispensing functions:

  • Automatic measurement of monocular interpupillary distances, pantoscopic angle, fitting heights, vertex distance and frame wrap
  • Creation of photo images, so the dispenser and the patient can see the results
  • Interactive demonstrations of various lens enhancements

Patient Benefits

The i.Terminal optical dispensing system provides multiple benefits to patients. Some of the most notable include:

  • Same day service for single vision prescriptions
  • Quick repair of broken or damaged glasses
  • Precise measurements, resulting in the highest quality lenses
  • Ability for patients with stronger prescriptions to see how their frames look with the enhanced mirror feature
  • Engaging experience with the option to participate in the process more than usual
  • Supreme comfort in both prescription and fit

Fitting and centration are two factors that often limit the performance of even the highest quality lenses. The incredible accuracy of the i.Terminal enables our staff to measure and fit your lenses so the margin of error is virtually non-existent.

What Makes i.Terminal So Accurate?

The i.Terminal dispensing system consistently takes measurements within 0.1mm, which means it creates the most accurate fitting measurements in the industry. It uses a high-precision digital camera that has the ability to capture images from the front and side of the patient wearing his or her chosen frame.

The equipment is outfitted with a laser speckle target system that ensures the patient maintains proper distance from the camera during the photo capture. The i.Terminal also ensures the patient is centered properly, and will compensate for accidental movement or head turns.

Once the images have been captured they are processed using highly sophisticated software. This software automatically takes all the key measurements that are necessary to produce the best lenses possible.

What About Customized Lenses?

The custom design of free-form lenses is possible using the i.Terminal, as it takes the additional measurements required for customized lenses at the same time as the standard measurements. This feature customizes the lenses for the shape of the patient’s chosen frame, the wrap and the vertex distance of the frame, while maintaining optimal performance.

The i.Terminal system, combined with the knowledge and professionalism of our staff makes the Oak Hill Eye Care dispensary an important part of your optical service.