It is now possible to treat virtually any refractive error. One of our doctors will let you know about the different treatment options available and whether or not you are a good candidate for refractive surgery.  Along with your surgeon, we will formulate a treatment plan that suites your individual needs.  Every part of the process is performed using the most advanced technology available, so the right solution for your vision needs can be determined with confidence.

The LASIK process at Oak Hill Eye Care

Patients at Oak Hill Eye Care are guided through every step of the LASIK process. We realize that some eye procedures have the potential to be frightening, especially when complex equipment and unfamiliar techniques are used. We will go out of our way to make every patient feel comfortable and confident regarding their procedure and outcome. Because the consultation, pre-op and post-op care are provided in the same place, patients can feel at ease with the professionals who care for them.  Our goal is not to perform one LASIK procedure after the other.

Learn about our detailed process

Every patient goes through a thorough evaluation process to ensure LASIK is truly the best choice for his or her individual situation. At Oak Hill Eye Care, we are committed to finding the right answer for each of our patients, even if the answer is not having LASIK.  Ultimately, our patients’ satisfaction is our best measure of success.